Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is Your Child Ready for a Cell Phone? As Seen on Tennessee Mornings!

Your child is asking for a cell phone. It is a sign of the times, and a sign that things are changing in your child's social circle. But how do you know if she is ready for her own phone? And how do you know if you are ready for her to have one?

Remember the acronym T-E-X-T, and click on the tips below for help in making your decision.

  • T -- Talk  Talk to your child. Ask direct questions to find out what is motivating his desire for a cell phone and texting privileges. Does he have certain friends (Read more...)
  • E -- Evaluate  Evaluate your child's maturity. A phone is a complex piece of technology. It is expensive. It stores personal information. To determine if your child is ready to handle this kind of responsibility, ask (Read more...)

  • T -- Tell  Tell your child what you expect. You are the parent, so you will determine the boundaries for (Read more...)
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