Friday, January 23, 2009


Hey Everybody,

If you're still dropping by my blog, thank you! Things have been super busy around here with so much going on! My kids are in a very busy season of their lives, and so, that makes me one busy mom!

I did want to take time to let y'all know about a really wonderful conference event that Danya and I are absolutely thrilled to be a part of. It's the Pure in Heart Conference, and it will be held this year in Davenport, Iowa in April and also in Texas in November (more details to come on the Texas conference!). Take a look at the video below. It's the truth, and if you have a daughter, you know it is.


Chatty Kelly said...

Welcome back! *grin*

Well that video scared me to death, because I thought it started in the 5th grade too! I have a 4th grader!!!!!!

I'd love to be there, but alas, that is too far. My in-laws do live in Iowa...maybe time for a visit?

Know you will bless SO many! Good to hear from you Rebecca!

Julie Gillies said...

My 13 year old daughter faces these issues and so much more - and she is home schooled! The only way to raise our girls is on our knees. It's SO different than when I was a kid.

The conference sounds excellent, Rebecca. I wish it were closer to Florida!

Kelsey said...

That video is %100 true......sadly, and, if you're a Christian then you get judged, if you're a Virgin it's even worse. I'm saving my first kiss for marriage, and yet people think I'm crazy for it. That an interesting video though. :)


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