Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cell Phones: Evaluate Your Child's Maturity

E -- Evaluate
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Evaluate your child's maturity. A phone is a complex piece of technology. It is expensive. It stores personal information. To determine if your child is ready to handle this kind of responsibility, ask yourself these questions and be prepared to discuss these realities together: Is your child responsible with her homework? Does she consistently hand in her assignments on time and show good organizational skills? How does your child deal with other electronics? A kid who can't find his new Nintendo DS will not be able to keep up with a phone. Think about his contact lenses and/or orthodontic appliances. Does your child show maturity in following the rules that his doctor sets in place, or does he ignore them? This will be a key indicator in helping you determine what to expect when it comes to his following the guidelines you establish regarding a phone. Besides the fact that you obviously don't want to make a big investment in something that your child is going to misplace the first week, you also need to be able to trust your child with the boundaries you will set in place regarding phone usage.


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