Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This is unofficial, of course, by any means. I have never claimed to be a music critic, and so this post is just my thoughts about last night's show. (I will say on the front end, however, that we have been David fans from the beginning--just so you know!)

My family gave the guys ratings, 1-10, ten being the best.

Okay, let's get started.

Michael Johns -- Simon told this guy he had no "moment" in his performance. I know that when my dd was doing some music stuff downtown, she heard a music performance coach speak, and one of the things he stressed to all the up-n-comers in that group was that every song needs to have a "moment," something the audience will remember. Since I don't even remember at this point what Michael sang, I'm inclined to agree with SC. Family rating: 5
Jason Castro -- OK, for all you gals out there my age, did you love hearing this classic from Andy Gibb?? Man, I did! I thought he did an okay job with it. I like Jason's stage persona. Great teeth, too. I know Simon didn't think it was a good song choice, but it took me back and I liked it!
Family rating: 5-6

Luke Menard
-- Doesn't he look like the guy that was on 90210? Or is that just me? I was not a fan of that show, but I can still see the resemblance. I think this guy has a voice for Broadway. He didn't seem very AI-ish to me. Family rating: 6

Robbie Carrico -- Let's park here for a minute. I think that he is way too much like Bo Bice! They have the same smile and mannerisms! And I like Bo! I don't like the way they keep picking on him about if he is the "real deal" or not. What is up with that? But when he started singing that song, which I, of course, remembered well, I began singing along and then quickly shut my mouth as the impact of the words hit me! I was really shocked by the graphic images/phrases in that song. Funny how I didn't notice (or I guess didn't care) when I was a teenager. Thank you, Jesus, for the work you've done in me. I think he might go this week. I don't think he has the "IT" factor. But my family thought he had a great voice. Family rating: 7

Danny Noriega -- Don't look! Just don't look at him!! If you don't look at Danny, you can really appreciate his voice. He is just a little too... you know...but if you close your eyes, he is great vocally. His song choice was another "take me back" moment for me. My sister had all the Carpenters' albums, and I think he did a great job with this song. (There was no one quite like Karen Carpenter. What a voice, and what a tragic ending to her music.) Family rating: 9

David Hernandez
-- This kid looks like Alex Rodriguez. So he's got that going for him. He also had the best vocals of the night so far, and he was the first to receive applause from my crew. He was great. Family rating: 9

Jason Yeager
-- I like Jason, but it's almost like his voice doesn't match his pretty-boy looks. Something is not in sync. It was like watching Donny Osmond do rock. (And let me just say, I am TOTALLY a Donny Osmond fan, and have been since I was seven years old!!!) But the smiley-ness just didn't go with his song. He is a "Moon River" kind of guy. Family rating: 7-8

-- I loved it when he said his Nigerian name meant "something well-created by God." I thought Chik was outstanding tonight. Glad he got rid of the orange suit, though. (btw, why does Simon think he is a moose? What is the deal with his hand to the side of his head like that?)
Family rating: 8-9

David Cook
-- The second round of applause tonight went to the self-professed "Word Nerd." As WN myself, I loved that! I totally disagreed with Simon who thought the bio clip did nothing for him. I thought it totally authenticated him as a true rocker. Rockers are smart, creative, deep thinkers. Was he saying a rocker must be an illiterate punk to be the real deal? Again, why is he a moose? Family rating: 9

David Archuleta -- Sigh. He is absolutely adorable. What a pure voice. What a cute kid! I have heard that he is Mormon, so I wondered what he was going to do with the first verse of "Imagine," which I have never liked, either, and I have to say I was not surprised he just chose to skip it. But what an incredible job he did! We will be pulling for him all the way to the end. Family rating: 10+

Since tonight is church night, I will not be posting a rundown for the girls. If you're doing one on your site, I will be glad to link to it!


Anonymous said...

I agree with your family's ratings. The last of the show was much better than the first. I'm looking forward to the girls tonight and hope they will belt out a couple for the fans! I'll let you know if anything good happens early.

JEN TEN said...

David Archuleta is really cute:) He is so full of energy all the time, it's just... cute. lol, anyways, love you mrs. p!

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