Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Harvest Time

Hey Everybody,

What does life look like for you these days? We are finally having some beautiful fall weather here in Middle Tennessee, and I am so thankful! It has rained so much lately (I'm talking for weeks!) that I wondered if we were going to ever see some pretty fall days! Sunshine makes a big difference in my outlook. Does it yours?

If you get a chance to go to a farmer's market this month, or even if you want to take a few minutes to really browse through the produce section of your local grocery store, I encourage you to stop and enjoy the colors, tastes, and textures of the harvest season. What a God we serve! Fall colors are gorgeous! Whether on the trees or on the table, they show the attention to detail that comes straight from our Creator's unfathomable mind!

Funny thing: While I can enjoy the harvest, I don't enjoy it with the same sense of pride and accomplishment as the one who worked the field. That's because my "field" isn't acres of farmland that I tend to and pray over each day. No, I'm working an entirely different field as a parent. I tend to and pray over hearts each day. I ask God for His providential care over the seeds I plant, and I wait. While I wait, I pull the weeds, scatter the fertilizer LOL, and pray some more. Throughout the day, my field of hearts is topmost in my mind, and I eagerly anticipate the harvest!

Of course, I wonder. I wonder what the harvest will look like. I wonder if every seed planted will bear fruit. I wonder if I sowed the seeds deeply enough. Did I see every weed? Did I use enough fertilizer? Or too much? And like the farmer, I realize that once I've done my part, it is what it is. I'm done. What happens underground, below the surface, within the heart--well, that is not my job, anyway. The Lord tends to the unseen work between planting and harvesting.

What a relief!

Learning as I go,



Kelly Combs said...

How are you doing? I am popping over to say hi. I do like sunny days, and warm days too.

I wrote an garden analogy today too! haha! Great minds thinking alike.

Jane In The Jungle said...

Good one Rebecca...I've been struggling with my oldest...don't know where that boy came from!!
Can you believe we've had 4 days straight of sunshine!!!

Edie said...

I am so with you on those rainy days vs sunny days. I NEED the SUN! I'm so glad the rain has finally passed for a bit too.

In my case I tend to wonder did I use too much fertilizer. LOL. I'm so glad God does the unseen work in the heart and not me. He is a much better gardener than I am.

Anonymous said...

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