Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hey Everybody,

I did watch AI last night, but I've just got too much going on this week to deliver a run-down. I thought there were a few stand-outs, however, David Archuleta (of course) and David Cook--WOW! I was blown away by his arrangement of Lionel Richie's "Hello." What is so funny is that when my husband and I were in college, he was coming from a Lionel Richie/ Air Supply music background, and I was coming out of a Pat Benatar/Van Halen background, and so we laugh about that sometimes, and here this young man is, putting the two together. I believe that Randy called the arrangement "brilliant" and I would have to agree! So that's that. I didn't see the girls tonight, so someone will have to fill me in. Julie, that would be you! :)

We have the Girls of Integrity conference this weekend and I am pumped! We are so excited. I already love those girls in Evansville, and I can't wait to share with them how much Jesus loves them!

Book update: We are on our way! I talked with the cover designer, Kandi, today and we batted around some ideas (mostly her ideas--I know my limits!) All of my covers have been cleverly designed by very talented people and I happen to think that they are TERRIFIC! Eye-catching is what I'm going for. To me, the cover is one of the most exciting things about publishing a book. What I am loving about TATE PUBLISHING is that this is the first time I have ever spoken to the person designing my cover! So it was really an exciting part of the process! Anyway, I can't wait to see what she comes up with. I'm praying as she asked me to: That the Lord would just direct her.

We are studying Exodus in Sunday school right now, and you know, that is a clear example of God's direction in the building of the temple. Every color, every dimension, and every arrangement was clearly directed by the Lord. The artisans, builders, and crafters just did as they were told. That speaks volumes to me right now, and I pray that Kandi would be listening closely as God dictates what He wants on the cover of Season of Change.

oh--another update--I tweaked the subtitle: Parenting your Middle Schooler with Passion and Purpose

Thanks for reading my sporadic blog!

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