Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wanted: A Peaceful Home! Part 1 -- Conquer the Clutter

Here in Tennessee, we've been semi-snowed in for several days. (Just so you know, it only takes a few inches to create chaos in the south!) I remember when my children were younger that a few days of going nowhere was not always a pretty picture. Some call it stir-crazy, or a case of "house-itis," but sometimes it is hard to be cooped up! And sometimes, you can look around and see just what it is that is making you crazy...and in my case, it is often my own lacking, and there is no one else to blame!

A peaceful home is every mom’s dream. We want to create a serene, safe haven for our families.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but picked up would be nice.
It doesn’t have to be silent, but no arguing, please.
It doesn’t have to be empty, just full of the right things.

Peace can be defined by an absence of clutter, chaos, and conflict. It is also, however, marked by an attitude: a spirit of contentment, serenity, and humility--a state not just of the home, but of the heart. Did you know that you can make a few simple choices that will lead you step by step toward a more peaceful home?

Conquer the clutter. The amount of clutter in your home can directly affect your sense of peace. “I associate peacefulness with things being picked up,” says Paducah mom Lisa Ellis. “I love it when a room gets emptied of things that don't belong there.”

“A peaceful home is not necessarily a clean home, but it sure does help to have a picked-up home,” agrees Leigh, a mother of four. “Clutter just agitates me.”

Explore the minimalist lifestyle. If you have two of something, give one away.
Keep at least one drawer or cabinet in your kitchen empty. You’ll be surprised at how good that empty space can make you feel! Really!
Get rid of your knick-knacks. Enjoy sparsely decorated dresser tops. (less dusting!)
Create margin on crowded bookshelves by storing or giving away unread books.

Tomorrow: Part 2 -- Let the Music Play!



My ADHD Me said...

I agree with you SO much!

Unfortunately, it is a never-ending battle for me. For many, many years I was a major pack-rat. I kept everything, "just in case". The CHAOS that created was overwhelming.

Clutter-free is a constant battle for me. My son's room was so far out of control that I was just too overwhelmed to touch it. I couldn't expect him to clean it when I didn't even know how to approach it myself. Finally, a few weeks ago, he and I emptied the entire room. I told him to pretend we were moving. We boxed up every single thing. Then we thoroughly cleaned the room and over the next few days we unpacked each box. At that time we decided on each thing whether to put it back in his room, in the attic, in the Goodwill pile or in the trash. We were both very proud of the end result and now he actually enjoys spending time in his room.

I have read many times that all children, but especially ADHD children are overwhelmed with too much stuff. (adults too) This was proof.

Enjoyed your post today!

P.S. Your word verification for me is miessit. VERY close to Messiest! lol

My ADHD Me said...

wow. I just saw how long my comment was. wow.

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting!

I LOVED your long comment, and I am so proud of you and your son! Not only was that a great idea, but it sounds like it was even do-able the way you took it on! Clutter is also a never-ending battle for me! It is a very weak point in my life and something that causes me to constantly draw on the Lord.

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