Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Infield, Outfield, Mission Field

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Heading out to the field? The baseball field?

As my sons have grown up playing baseball, I've learned that gorgeous green playing field beckons kids from all walks of life--with all kinds of moms. Approaching this time of year once again, I think back to the many women I've shared these seasons with: single moms, widowed moms, and grandmoms with full parental custody of their grandchildren. Sports moms spend a great deal of time sitting on the sidelines cheering for their kids, and, like women are prone to do, forming relationships with one another. How can you share the love of Christ with the moms sharing the sidelines with you this year?

Get to know the other mothers. Don't be shy! Introduce yourself, and put together a list of names and phone numbers. An easy way to strike up a conversation with any mom is to ask her to tell you about her child.

Arrange carpooling. Find out where other teammates live and see if you can arrange to share rides. Lots of moms need help getting their children to afternoon practice times.

Open your home. My husband grew up in a home where all of his teammates were welcome. His mother would set another place at the table and somehow divide meal portions so there was always enough to go around. A Christian home is a safe haven that God wants you to share with others.

Pray for the team. One season, our team families experienced various crises, including the death of a grandmother, one mom’s broken engagement, and another parent’s major surgery which included a hospital stay. Knowing what was going on in people’s lives gave us the opportunity to pray for these families and share Christ’s love with them through active ministry.

Support the coach. Whether you have the best coach or the worst, trust that God put your child with this person for a reason. Show your support for the coach by submitting to his authority and expertise on the field. Avoid gossip or derogatory remarks about the coach and others who are investing so much of their time and energy on your child.

Different cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles intermingle with the love we share for baseball. Too often, we shy away from others because we are afraid of getting involved or we fear our attempts at friendship will be rejected. However, these are folks with whom you already have a lot in common: You have kids the same age playing on the same team! This is a great opportunity to shed a little light and sprinkle a little salt on those around you. Ask God to open your heart to the other moms and bless the development of new relationships, opening doors to share Christ.

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