Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Faith Means Taking A Risk

A pounding heart.
A dry mouth.
A nervous stomach.
Can you share Jesus without freaking out? A great resource for anyone who gets a little nervous or tongue-tied is How to Talk About Jesus without Freaking Out with Study Guide. (Great book, and the title says it all!)
Perhaps the most anxiety-producing component of sharing our faith is faith itself. “When the opportunity to throw God into the conversation comes around, you have to be willing to take it,” author David Morel says. “This gets you out of your comfort zone.”
  • When dining out, tell your server you will be offering a blessing for the food. Ask him if he has any needs for which you may pray.
  • Call a lost friend or family member for whom you have been praying. Start the conversation by apologizing for never telling her about your relationship with Jesus.
  • See a new family visiting at church? Invite them out to eat. Lay the groundwork for a new relationship over a meal.
 “You’ve got to love people,” reminds Morel. “If you don’t love them, you’ve really cut your chances for sharing the Gospel.” Loving people means we have a genuine concern for their eternal destination. That is the same concern that Christ had for us. Sharing our faith is really all about loving others enough to help them find the truth that we have found. Remember the three keys: It begins with prayer, it is grounded in God’s Word, and it springs into action with our faith.


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