Friday, November 13, 2009


Hey Everybody,

By the time you are up and reading this, we'll be on our way to the Pure In Heart conference!

I am so excited about this weekend! The Lord gave me some new ideas for props and examples to use, so I am hoping that will really help the fifth and sixth grade girls that I'll be teaching to "get it!"

One of the things that we will be teaching the girls has to do with the word "distorted." Now, that's not a word that you hear most 10 - 12 yo girls saying! However, it's a great word that grabs their attention! I'll be explaining how the true definition of beauty has been "distorted" by the media and our culture. The point is to help them be able to distinguish what the world says about beauty vs. what the Lord says about true beauty.

I remember when I was eleven years old. There was not a lot of beauty to be found in my outer or inner appearance. Thank God for the extreme makeover that can only be found in Christ Jesus, right? Please pray with me that the hundreds of moms and daughters who are attending the event this weekend would allow the Redeemer access to their hearts and minds, so that He may perform an extreme makeover on each one of them!



Kelly Combs said...

You & your mini-me. Could you guys look more alike? Very sweet. I hope your trip is wonderful and all you pray it will be.

Danielle said...

Have you thought about hosting an event in NC? Next year, maybe?

My daughter is 10, but in the 4th grade, and my husband and I were just talking about how innocent she is in thinking and in attitude. Sometimes, it can be a hinderance, the pouting and acting like she's 2.LOL But sometimes, it's such a blessing because she doesn't know alot of the worldly things other girls know at that age.

We want her heart and mind as pure before God as it can be for as long as it can be.

Praying your event is filled and rich with the Spirit!

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