Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hey Everybody,

The GOI conference was amazing! We had so much fun! Danya, Misty, and I met some wonderful people, and we were so blessed by the entire event.

Over 100 girls came out in some very wintry weather to experience worship, Bible study, and fellowship with other teens. There were several different churches from the area represented, and despite over 4" of snow on the ground and continuing to fall, nothing stopped the conference from coming together!

Danya and Misty are a great worship team. Those two girls love Jesus and they really led all of us in the spirit of true worship. Hearing all of the girls singing together--one voice, one spirit--on "Heart of Worship" was just incredible.

My prayer for all of the girls is that they chose to be followers, not just fans, of Jesus Christ! If you didn't make that decision at the conference, let today be the day!

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Hannah F said...

Awesome! I loved it. I really did. I really grew from it.
Hannah F.

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