Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rescue1 Rodeo: What One Church Did About Human Trafficking (Video)

With 27 million people enslaved in the world today, how can you make a difference? You can care enough to do something...

Recently I had the privilege of working with my husband at the Rescue1 Rodeo in Jemison, AL (close to Birmingham), sponsored by the Amazing Grace Worship Center. It was literally my first rodeo, and it was so much fun--but the best part was that Amazing Grace WC raised tens of thousands of dollars for Rescue1, a ministry that is seeking to end human trafficking by raising awareness, by rescuing children in Asia from the sex traffic industry, and by rescuing women and children right here in the US who are being trafficked.

This rodeo came about because the Amazing Grace WC had a group of ladies who heard about what Rescue1 was doing, and they just decided to do something to help. They simply asked the Lord, What can we do? And then they did it.

Surrendered hearts, willing hands, and the audacity to believe that you can make a difference--that's what it takes to change the world.

The church raised over $25,000 at last year's rodeo, and this year's rodeo was blessed to more than double that amount! With 270 children being served in Thai orphanages, and many more who need a home, a hope, and a future, it is incredible to think of what can be accomplished with these monies. Below is a video clip from the local CBS TV station there in Birmingham. You'll see my husband Rich and with him is Genia Blankenship, the first lady of Amazing Grace WC.

Those stats blow your mind, don't they? Here they are again:

  • 300-400,000 American children introduced into the trafficking industry each year
  • $32 Billion in profit generated each year
  • The world's third largest illegal market (fast becoming the second largest)
  • 27 million people enslaved
  • 80% of all trafficking is sex trafficking
  • 12 - 13 years old is the average age of entry into the sex trafficking industry (both boys and girls)

My husband and I got to talk with a lot of people at the rodeo, sharing these stats with any who would listen. Many conversations were with people who had no idea that this kind of thing is going on. And when they wrap their heads around the fact that it goes on overseas, they are literally stunned to find out that it is going on right here at home. But it is. One lady we talked to became physically ill as we spoke with her. She understood prostitution but she had no idea that millions of women and children are being trafficked against their will. "I want to know more, and I want to know what God might be asking me to do now that I know this," she said, "but right now I am getting physically sick over it. It will take me a while to process this."

I know how she feels. Who wants to believe this? Who wants to wrap their heads around the truly dark, evil world we live in? Who wants to think of children as young as 3 and 4 being used for such evil, ugly purposes?

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

When you look at this huge, gargantuan problem--and when you understand that Americans are the #1 consumers of sex trafficking--it does make you sick. But then, after you process, it should also make you want to do something about it.

At the Rescue1 Rodeo with my favorite cowboy!

My husband is traveling in Thailand with Rescue1 over the next couple of weeks, and he'll be guest posting right here on Mom Seriously so you can learn more about Rescue1 and the world-wide problem of human trafficking. Follow me on Twitter and I'll let you know when his posts are up.

Visit the Rescue1 website to learn more.

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