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5 Tips for First Time ACT Test Takers

Do you have a student taking the ACT test for the first time? There's no reason to stress when you learn these five tips for first time ACT test takers...

If you have a son or daughter taking the ACT college test for the first time this month, congratulations! You've come a long way! Don't let this college entrance exam make you or your child nervous. There's no need to stress and here's why: they are going to be taking it again. Yes--really. The ACT is not a one-time test--so don't look at it like it's a make-it-or-break-it kind of deal. That's why any student taking it for the first time can relax. The first time is the one and only time you should take it cold.

5 Tips for Taking the ACT for the First Time
Check out these 5 tips for taking the ACT for the first time from my son David, who created the ACT College Test website full of test prep tips and strategies. Talk these over with your test taker--and breathe!

Don't Study. Yep, you read that right. The first time you take the ACT test, you shouldn't study. In fact, you shouldn't prepare at all beyond a look at this list of the 21 Best ACT Tips (and a good night's sleep). What you're going for with this first time is to get a baseline--a where-I-stand-now score so you'll know what and how you should study next time.

Do Choose Your ACT testing site carefully. You're going to take the ACT again. Oh, believe me. You will. So, keeping that in mind, be sure that you choose carefully the testing site location. One of the best ways to insure that you get a higher score each time you take the test is by sticking with the same test site. It's one less thing to worry about. When you're familiar with the test location, you're going to be more relaxed and that makes for a higher score the second time around.

Do Eat Breakfast. It's a long test, okay? And no one around you will be able to function if your stomach is a growling distraction. Even if it's only a blueberry muffin (blueberries are great brain fuel) or a protein shake, your brain will think better when your stomach isn't empty.

Do Plan Ahead. Plan now for the next test date. Schedule it. Pay for it. When you walk in to your first stab at the ACT, you'll be much more relaxed knowing that the next test date has already been scheduled. Consider this your practice test. No matter how well you do on this first try, you are guaranteed to do better the second time you take it. With that in mind, the pressure's off.

Do Take Your Time. Go at a natural pace as you take the test. Keep track mentally of what parts you finished, what sections you almost finished, what you didn't finish, and what you almost didn't finish. Part of the strategy behind the ACT is just knowing how much time you have for each portion, and disciplining yourself to answer the questions within that framework. Knowing where you need to speed up, and where you have time to go back and check your answers, will help you when you take the ACT next time.

BONUS TIP: Make sure you know the answer to this all-important ACT test question.

Sharpen your No. 2 pencils and get to know the ACT test the first time you take it. Next time, things will be totally different!

Visit David's website, ACT College Test Prep, and find lots of information on strategies for taking the ACT test and getting the best score possible!

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