Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Ways Mom Can Reach the Heart of Her Tween Daughter

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How can moms reach the hearts of their growing daughters before the teen years hit? How can what you do now as a parent play a key role in preparing for a good relationship in the future? Developing lifelong ties to your tween daughter means liking her, listening to her and loving her through her growing pains.

It seems as though today's girl is growing up faster than ever. She barely has time to be a kid before she begins to feel adult pressures. Unlimited media exposure and schedules crammed with activities have brought complicated stress to what should be carefree days. Home life situations such as divorce and financial difficulties loudly insist that girls become wise to the ways of the world. Most girls must worry constantly about measuring up to parental expectations and peer standards, plus fitting into the right social circles (both virtual and real-life). When a changing body and hormonal structure enter the picture, many girls are not ready. They need the wisdom, experience, and perspective of their moms. They need to know they have an admirer, an audience, and an ally right by their side.

Are you ready for this, Mom? Reaching the heart of your tween daughter is doable! Check out the links below for practical tips.

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