Monday, April 12, 2010

Top Five Best Family Television Shows

Hey Everybody,
This week I thought I would do something different—a week of “Top Five’s!” Every day this week I’ll be posting a list of five things that will hopefully help you with your parenting! Today, I’m looking at the top five best family television shows, according to Ken Beck. (Ken has written a number of books on the Andy Griffith Show with co-author Jim Clark, plus he’s a TV writer for The Tennessean newspaper.) Okay, here’s your Top Five!
  1. The Andy Griffith Show
  2. The Waltons
  3. Little House on the Prairie
  4. The Cosby Show
  5. All Creatures Great and Small (A British TV series about a veterinarian in the 1940s, available on DVD)
In your media choices as in all things, remember you teach by example. When something is inappropriate or offensive, turn it off. Let your kids know why you don’t think that show is worth watching.

Btw, one thing that Ken shared with me that I didn’t know was that the TV ratings system is not accurate. Here’s why: Those ratings don’t apply to the commercials. So you can be watching a safe TV show, such as Cosby, and then see a really foul movie trailer, commercial, or TV teaser that is totally unacceptable. Be alert! Be responsible! Be the parent!


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