Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Gotta Be Homeschoolers!

For this week's Wrap-Up, a question:

How do you spot a homeschooling family? I mean, really, let's be honest: Some of us just SCREAM the fact that we homeschool. (Please know that I am not saying there is anything wrong with that!) And then there are some families I have met that I would have never known they were homeschooling until I was told. (And there's not anything wrong with that either.)

Take the Duggars, for example. I remember the first time I ever heard of them. They were in the news because Michelle had just given birth to their 15th  child (so that was quite some time ago). In the news segment,  they showed this sweet family all wearing outfits made from the same plaid material, and I just thought, "Gotta be homeschoolers." And of course, they are, and today, they are the much-loved, ever-growing family on TV's "19 and Counting!"

My Favorite TV Family!
Now if ever there was a TV family that could have, should have, and probably would have homeschooled (ya think? If it had been just a decade or so later!), it would be the Bradys. I mean, really. Think about it! Believe it or not, I have thought about this, and I hope you enjoy my Top Ten Reasons Why Carol Brady Should Have Homeschooled!*

10) She had a shag haircut–a quick, simple, easy-to-maintain do that would have been perfect for those up and at 'em homeschool mornings.

9) She had six kids. 'Nuff said.

8) She had that room off the kitchen that would have made a perfect
homeschool room.Can't you see world maps adorning those wood-paneled
walls, along with the kids' art and a bulletin board complete with
chore chart? Just sayin'.

7) She loved family field trips! Think about the trips to the Grand Canyon and Hawaii, incorporating education with family fun. She was just thiiiis far away from greatness….

6) She loved camping!

5) She loved reading in bed! (Although I feel sure that if she were on the air today, she would be watching HGTV in bed, LOL)

4) She was all about sibling unity–the girls shared a room, the boys shared a room, and they all shared a bathroom. That's quality family time right there. (I'm actually serious. My kids share a bathroom, and it has proven to be a bonding experience...sort of)

3) She got involved in politics (remember saving the city park?)

2) She was way ahead of her time doing unit studies! UNIT STUDIES!!!! Remember when Bobby learned about Jesse James (they invited an author over to tell him the truth); Peter's awesome science fair project (the VOLCANO!!!!); and Greg and Mike's passion for photography (including the darkroom they set up in the bathroom). The woman had a heart for learning at home!

And the number one reason why Carol Brady should have been a homeschooling mom…

1) She had Alice. What I wouldn't give for an ALICE! I mean, really, people--wouldn't an Alice make your homeschooling life so much easier? :)

I remain almost convinced that Carol Brady was even secretly homeschooling her clan during summer breaks except for one sad but true factor that dispels the urban legend I am trying so hard to create:

Carol Brady never--ever--wore a blue jean jumper. would I be able to tell that you are a homeschooling family? Make it funny (I bought 500 bolts of yellow plaid fabric on sale back in 1997 and am still using it for our clothes, curtains, and diapers--gotta be homeschoolers!) or tell the truth (My kids know how to interact successfully with people of all ages--gotta be homeschoolers!)

*This post is adapted (or perfected?) from many times of telling it at homeschool conventions since 2006.

Read more: Visit my homeschooling page to read more about my 15 years (and counting!) homeschooling journey!

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Crow Family of 5 said...

If you're the type of person that picks up turtles out of the road and takes them home for further study, or one who finds a partially broken bird egg with a semi developed chick inside and feels the need to check it out, or if your daughter cuts herself and instead of thinking band aid she thinks of getting a slide for the microscope so that she can see what real blood looks like, if everything and anything can be considered educational, you gotta be homeschoolers! Love the post by the way!! Carol Brady had to have been a closet homeschooler.
Jennifer @

Edie said...

LOL! I really enjoyed this Rebecca. I fit the description that Crow Family of 5 left. :o

Leah C said...

I love it! I agree Carol Brady could have been the perfect homeschool mom!

You can tell we are homeschoolers when all four of my kids file out of the big red conversion van we drive to do home ec at the grocery mid-morning. ;-)

Lori said...

You know you are a homeschooler when you are on the submarine ride at Disneyland with another homeschool mom, and, upon viewing the "animals" on shore, your young daughter looks at hers and says "hey, we can count this as a field trip!"- and her daughter enthusiastically agrees.

My friend and I realized at that moment that we may have been categorizing some of our outings a bit loosely in calling them field trips!! :)

Sherri said...

You know you are a homeschooler when you walk very quickly through the mall with your kids before 2 pm to not give other shoppers the chance to ask "why aren't your kids in school?"

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Oh my goodness - I absolutely LOVED this post!! Mind if I rehost it on my own blog??? This was hysterical!!

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

I love everyone's comments! I've had lots of requests to repost online and publish in homeschool newsletters, etc., and it's always encouraging when people like soemthing that much! Here's how I would ask you to go about that:

Repost or republish the list in its entirety with this byline:

by Rebecca Ingram Powell. Rebecca is a pastor's wife, a homeschooling mother of three, and a nationally-known author and speaker. Connect online at

If you republish it online, please include a live link to my site!

Glad y'all have enjoyed this! :)

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