Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cheap Change!

Hey Everybody,

For the record, let me just say that trying to get a worthy shot of my labor-intensive week-long bathroom re-do was quite difficult! It is such a small space, and I'm not a photographer in the least bit, but I tried! In the pic below, you can see the steal of a deal light fixture (exactly parallel to this sink and mirror is another set) that I got for 75% off (making it $9.99). The mirror you see used to be gold. A can of spray paint for about $3 gave it a beautiful facelift! (And working with said spray paint in the basement added more fumes to my brain! Can you spell ventilation? LOL!) I did purchase new cabinet knobs, but I just spray-painted the hinges. Cheap change!

Below you see the fab shower curtain I got for only $7.99. Now, the ceiling above the shower slopes, so there is nowhere to go with that rod. It will only hang evenly in one spot. So, I had to get that stitch-witchery stuff to hem the curtain. (Sadly, my friends, I do not sew.) By Saturday, everyone was pitching in to finish painting all that trim. It took one coat of primer, and three coats of paint. (It was a dark-stained walnut, and before you even think about it, let me just tell you the truth: It was not pretty.) I did not think you really wanted to see the potty or the linen closet behind that door, so that's it for pictures!

All in all, this was hard work, but financially it was a cheap change!
So how is everyone doing with their grocery budgets this week? In addition to my Kroger plus card savings, I saved a whopping $10.20 in coupons! I can't wait to tell Kelly!



Kris said...

I love the color! And, the mirror turned out great! We redid our bathroom a year or so ago and my favorite part of the whole thing was the new light fixture. I am not about light fixtures at all, but the one we got for the bathroom was gorgeous!

Yeah, weird, I know.

Jane In The Jungle said...

Love the color and "you go Girl" on the light fixture!!
My grocery budget is fine if I can get to the ALONE!! As I tell hubby, taking the kids with me breaks it. He did the grocery shopping while I've been sick and my eldest walked in and said how much he liked shopping with dad cause he buys anything they want, food wise!! He spent $70 at the store on ONE MEAL!!!

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Oh good grief, Jane! $70? Men! LOL!

Edie said...

Hey it looks great Rebecca! And those colors look so familiar... now where have I seen that color combo before? ... ;)

I'm all for finding the least expensive way to decorate. When I remade my bathroom, I used some watered down black acrylic paint to stain (black wash) over the cabinets and they look fabulous. It cost me pennies!

But I have to confess jealousy over your deal on the light fixtures. :)

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