Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sibling Rivalry Calls For A Love Connection

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
(Today's post is the third in this series on Sibling Rivalry. Comments from Jim Bob Duggar are taken from my 2007 interview with the Duggars for ParentLife magazine.)

"People often wonder how we manage the dynamics of such a large family," notes Jim Bob Duggar. "Curious parents will often ask, We have two children, and they fight like cats and dogs. How do you do it with 17? But in their minds, they are picturing 17 children in one house fighting and bickering with each other. They are picturing total chaos, and it would be! However, that preconceived image is actually just the opposite of what happens in our home.

"God’s principles, put into practice, will work in every family:
  • Being open to God’s revelation of truth through personal study of His Word and solid biblical teaching
  • Confessing where we fall short, repenting, and turning away from our sin
  • Making things right with those we have hurt, resolving the conflict, and putting away anger
  • Asking for accountability from other Christians
"In our home, if an offense has been committed, we teach our children to go back and make things right. That always begins with an apology. That means more than just saying the word, “sorry.” We have them say, 'I was wrong for taking that toy away from you,' or 'I was wrong for hitting you. Will you please forgive me?' After a hug, they know the conflict is resolved. The Bible tells us not to let the sun go down on our anger. Take care of conflict as quickly as possible. This is vital to bringing peace and unity in the home. Our goal is for our children to become each other’s best friends, and they really have."


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