Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Why Haven't I Done This Before?

We’re wrapping up our second week of homeschooling in this, my 15th year to teach my children at home (unbelieveable in and of itself—I’m so thankful for God’s amazing grace in allowing me to do this!). Things are a lot different this year, with my oldest preparing to start her freshman year of college next week. I was telling her that in many ways, her college freshman year is easier for me than her high school freshman year was. Four years ago, when she was beginning high school studies, she re-located from our homeschool room to a desk in her bedroom. Our school room was a teensy bit crowded,
and the boys just kept getting bigger and bigger, so we had to do something to free up some space! Plus, she was beginning David Quine’s Starting Points curriculum, and she needed things a little more quiet and calm while she studied. The boys and I were still in Dorian Holt’s Learning Adventure series, so we were busy with lots of read aloud, activities, and discussion.

This year, David (my 10th grader) is going to be doing the Notgrass American History. I know he will enjoy it just as much as the Notgrass World History he did last year. Can I just say, I LOVE THE NOTGRASSES! Such a wonderful family, producing such quality products for homeschoolers! I just recommended them again yesterday, for the umpteenth time, to a mom who is homeschooling her 9th grader this year. You cannot go wrong with curriculum from the Notgrass Company.

Derek (my 8th grader) is NOT doing a unit study, for the first time in his life! To prepare him for the demands of the Notgrass Curriculum next year, which includes a lot of writing, we are just doing all separate books and focusing on writing/self-editing in both English and history. (To see my favorite curriculums, go HERE.)

I can’t conclude my wrap-up without mentioning that my sons went activist this week—they are trying to keep their favorite local Christian radio station from selling. They created a FaceBook page, and within just a few days, they already have nearly 500 people who “Like” what they’re doing. (If you're on FaceBook, take a look at their page, and "Like" it if you feel so led!) I’m really proud of them for "doing hard things" and taking a stand for something they believe in!

Well, I’m excited! I love reading my friend Kris’s blog about all things homeschooling, but this is my first venture into posting a weekly wrap-up! Please leave a comment to let me know that you’re reading, and if there are any homeschool topics you’d like me to discuss, please suggest them! I’d love to help you do that thing you do!

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Tristan said...

Sounds like a great week and fun plans for big kids! I can't picture high school yet as my oldest is only 9...LOL. But I'm looking forward to it.

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Hi Tristan,

Enjoy your younger crowd! The changes start happening fast and furiously!


Mandi Brown said...

Glad to hear things are off to a good start! My boys are enjoying school. Isaac LOVES it! Which is a big load off my mind. Andrew is adjusting, but he has been amazing with Isaac and helping him. We need to plan a time to catch up!

See Jamie blog said...

Sounds like a great week!

Kris @ WUHS and Eclipsed said...

Happy First Weekly Wrap-Up! Fifteen! I bet it's flown by. I can't believe we're in our 9th. Enjoy your year!

Leslie Cardwell said...

I'm reading :)

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Would love to!

Great blog! Glad to connect!

Happy anniversary!

How nice to hear from you! Hope your year is off to a great start! How are the kids?

joelle said...

It is nice to hear of veteran homeschoolers. Sounds like it is a good start for the year.

musicalmary said...

I just found your blog and I'm very excited to follow a veteran! We're just in our second year and it's inspiring to see someone who's been at it and successful for so long. Thank you!

Kara said...

Sounds like a great week! Love your site.

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Hey Joelle and Mary,
When my friend Sandy and I first started homeschooling, back in 1996, we considered a "veteran" anyone who had been at it three years or more! LOL But I love being a real veteran now!

Thanks so much! I'm having fun looking at all of y'all's sites, too!:)

Giggly Girls said...

Welcome to the Wrap-Up! I love reading about older students. It lets me know what I have in store. And WTG boys for all of their efforts.

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Thanks! Unfortunately, we got word last night that the university has indeed decided to sell. But my guys are just that much more determined to keep it from happening! Who knows what they wil do next? :) The story was on our local news last night and included the FB page they made! I will be posting it!

Nicole said...

I am a new homeschooler and we opted for A World of Adventure by Dorian Holt. My son is 13. So far we are loving it!!

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...


Wow, your fam is beautiful! Loved the pics on your blog! I cannot think of a better curriculum than Dorian's for your 13 yo. He will LOVE it!

btw...just as a tip for you: Remember that you do not have to do every single thing she (Dorian) suggests. You'll get burnout pretty quickly if you try to be SuperHomeschoolMom with that curriculum. But if you just ENJOY it, then you will have a blast!

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