Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wise Girls

This is our class of girls who are going through Wise Up! this winter. They are all so precious and absolutely beautiful! It is so much fun taking them through the book. My prayer for each one is that doing the study establishes a lifelong desire to spend time with the Lord each and every day.

Proverbs is such a great book to study. The first nine chapters really lend themselves to a topical study, and we are certainly covering all sorts of topics. We kicked off our study by viewing the testimony of Harold Morris, author of "Twice Pardoned." This video, with the same title, is one that I recommend. Once, I received an email from a gal who had taken a group of girls through the study, and she did not like the video. She felt it really didn't relate to the girls in her group.

Mr. Morris's testimony is, bottom line, about how the friends you choose will largely determine the course of your life. He landed in jail. His testimony is edgy at times, but for this group of city girls, it was relevant and right on.

So we watched the video the first week and handed out books. We talked about how to do the homework and how to find time each day to plug into Bible study. They did the first week's homework and came back last week to talk about friendships. (There is nothing easy about being friends when you are a seventh grade girl. And for the record, I would not go back to seventh grade for a million dollars. LOL) This week we are in unit two, and we'll be talking about honoring parents. I expect some lively discussion--which is not hard to come by in a room full of girls!

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