Saturday, August 21, 2010

Doing Hard Things

Hey Everybody,

It is an interesting thing to be in school all morning, break for lunch, and your sons have a message waiting for them to call a local reporter concerning a breaking news story! Enjoy the story below--the FaceBook page the reporter mentions is the one my boys created. (Keep in mind this foray into activism was inspired by the "Do Hard Things" conference we attended exactly one week ago!) When the boys found out the university that owns this station, their favorite radio station, was considering selling, they wanted to do something about it. After all, one of them had already made up his mind to go there in a few years!

Over the past year, the boys had become friends with several of the student DJ's, and they had visited the campus station often. My younger one was learning lots of technical stuff, and it had really whet his appetite for broadcasting. They said, "Mom, we think that this might be one of those "hard things" they were talking about at the conference. We want to do something."

Go, guys--and keep going--even though the decision was not what you hoped for. Do Hard Things!


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Jenifer said...

Good for them! Way to go boys!!

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