Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I Wish I'd Known about the Investment of Prayer -- Denalyn Lucado (Part One)

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to interview author Denalyn Lucado (yes, she's author Max Lucado's wife) for ParentLife. As the mother of three grown daughters, she shared some of her "what I wish I'd known" thoughts about parenting. I hope you learn, as I did, from her wisdom and experience!

Pray without Ceasing
"If I were raising my children again, I would pray more. I would be in God’s Word more, and I would pray God’s Word for my children. I think one of the most powerful things we can do is pray Scripture for our children. I believe God’s Word is alive, and it is so powerful! When we pray it for our children, we are praying God’s will for them.

"God has brought me to a point where I really believe that He wants to be in every second of our lives. When I was younger, I could never quite grasp the verse that says to pray without ceasing. Now, I’m beginning to kind of see what God is talking about. It’s not that I have arrived or gotten there at all, but often, He gives me those special instances where I can see He really wants to be in the minutes of my day.

"When I was a young mom, I knew God was present, and I knew that He loved me. But I kind of felt like He had given me a job—to be a mom and to be a wife—and I needed to do it. In a sense, that is true, however, I kind of did that in my own strength, my own creativity, and my own power, with sort of that superwoman complex. In the middle of my parenting, when all three of my girls were in elementary school, the Lord simply let me fall on my face, so He could pick me up and start showing me where the power for my life comes from."

Tomorrow: What I Wish I'd Known about the Investment of Prayer -- Denalyn Lucado (Part Two)


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