Friday, August 1, 2008

A Clean Desk, A Fresh Start, A New Year, and all that jazz....

Hey Everybody,

My desk is clean! And I am organized! I have put all my homeschool convention "stuff" away until next spring. I have the kids' school books ready to go (we start the 13th), and I have four bags of trash sitting on my carport, all from my schoolroom and closet.

I can breathe!

Let me tell you about my closet. When God led us to this house five years ago, a top selling point was what we call "the middle closet"--thus named because it is in the middle of the upstairs hallway. The lady who built this home had used the middle closet for her crafting projects. The closet is around 6' x 9' and lined with shelves. (I get goose bumps just describing it to you!) It has been perfect for both school and for storing my resources (my books, mailing supplies, business stuff, etc). It has no air vents or one of my boys would have snagged it for a bedroom (although it would be too small, and the ceiling slopes, too), but it is a dream closet! However, it is a bear to clean out at the end of my conference season because I just don't MAINTAIN it like I should. But, it is prettier than a speckled pup this morning, with a place for everything and everything in its place! Yay!

Are you homeschool gals ready for school to start? My friend Sandy and I have our "nailing it down" meeting on Monday. Thank God for Sandy! She keeps me on track!

I'm super excited about Danya's Notgrass "Exploring America" History. We have tons of great books that are lined up here, ready to read, including some I have only heard about and never had the pleasure of reading: Uncle Tom's Cabin, Mama's Bank Account, Up From Slavery, and others. Good stuff!

When is everyone else starting school? If you're a homeschooler, what are you looking forward most to teaching this year?


Chatty Kelly said...

In Virginia, school doesn't start until after Labor Day. So we have 32 more days (not that I'm counting). Plus in the meantime, my daughter turns 9, so we'll be having a party in 17 more days (not that I'm counting).

Sounds like you are ready! Good luck.

Kelsey said...

I'm not really looking for to school starting. I'm pretty sure it starts for me on the 13th maybe. Well, my mom said that we'll start after my birthday. Co-op starts September 8th, I can't wait!

revjen said...

We're in Florida and it's HOT in August, so we usually start the first Monday of the month, then take off December- when it's nice here. This year we are late getting started because we moved then I took a group of teenagers to Deleware on a mission trip and came home to VBS. I need school to start so I can slow down!! I'm looking forward, with a bit of trepidation, to teaching three this year- 7th grade, 5th grade and Kindergarten. We're trying some new curriculum so that will be a nice change of pace for everyone. Blessings on your school year! BTW- I'm reading your book on middle-schoolers, it's great! Just what I need for this new season of my life!

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Rebecca,

Your closet sounds like a homeschooler's dream. Does anything feel as good as getting organized and ready for the new school year? I love it! But then, I'm an organizing junkie. ;)

We begin school (8th grade) August 18th. I think we're most excited about using Beautiful Feet's Early American & World History. And I can't rave enough about Teaching Textbooks Math products, which are a math-challenged mom's answered prayer.

My son used Notgrass for high school U.S. History and we both LOVED it. My favorite part was asking him the questions when he had finished his reading assignments. Notgrass has lots of good stuff.

BTW - I think at the very least you should post a picture of your tidy closet!

(Good grief, I think I've just posted the longest comment EVER!)

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...


Thanks for posting! I'm so glad you are reading my book! I'll let you know when it is up on Amazon because I'd love for you to leave a review. I'm anxiously counting down to the official launch!

I should post a picture of my closet before it gets messy again! I will see what I can do!

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