Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wanted: A Peaceful Home! Part 2 -- Let the Music Play

Hey Everybody,

My friend Janet had gotten a new CD of worship music that she planned to share with me when we were headed out to lunch one day. I hopped in her car ready to listen, but instead of music, Janet had an apology. "I really wanted you to hear that new CD today," she explained, "but my daughter wanted to listen to it on her way to work this morning, and well--"

"You decided to make a sacrifice of praise!" I finished for her. We had a good laugh over that and agreed that when a teen wants to listen to her mom's new praise & worship CD, you let her--absolutely!

I have a certain worship CD that I pull out whenever I am feeling especially never fails to lift my spirits and my mood. Just singing those words that identify who God is and that attempt to explain His great love for me settles me down. And it cheers me up! And if it's true that, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy," then Momma better get happy, right?

While the murmur of praise music or the classical strains of Mozart provide a soothing backdrop to a busy home, don’t discount the music your kids make while they practice their musical instruments and sing. “To me, it is so peaceful, even if it is really loud, to hear my kids singing and yelling praise songs!” says my friend Leigh. Hey, I know what I'm talking about in this department! Whether it is Danya's keyboard, David's bass or harmonica, or Derek's drums, I've been surrounded by music for YEARS! And those loud, crazy, childish voices are soon replaced by incredible, amazing, mature ones. Want some peace?

  • Ask your kids to practice their music when you are around to listen.
  • Invest in some worship CDs.
  • Try a worship DVD. These play worship music while featuring soothing scenes of quiet places.
  • Appreciate the joyful noise of active children.

Tomorrow: Part 3 -- Keep Christ's Peace in Your Heart


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