Friday, February 5, 2010

Wanted: A Peaceful Home! Part 3 -- Keep Christ's Peace in Your Heart

From family to family, the picture of a peaceful home may have different elements, but one thing is certain: A peaceful home starts with you, Mom. You impact the atmosphere of your home with your attitude, your words, and your ways. To keep the peace in your home, you must first keep Christ’s peace in your heart.

For me, that means starting my day by acknowledging Him, simply asking for His help and committing my crazy schedule to His care. It means stepping back to admit He is in control of my life, and the only way I want to live is in His will. As the day unfolds, I have a peace in my heart helping me realize no matter what happens, nothing comes as a surprise to my Lord. Circumstances and events affecting my life are allowed by the hand of a loving Father. Resting in that knowledge gives me peace.

My friend Kim H., a pastor’s wife and mother of four, recently went through a cancer scare. “I had to find my peace not in my home and not even in my family,” she says. “I had to find peace in God and allow it to flow through me.”

Do you have His peace flowing through you? How do you react as the day moves along? Do unexpected delays, an argumentative child, or a stalled engine cause you to explode? In John 14, Jesus tells His disciples that He is giving them His peace. He shared that with them just before the Crucifixion, which would undoubtedly be the most traumatic time of their lives. Christ wanted His followers to know they could be at peace, despite the terrible ordeal they were about to face.

The peace of Christ is yours for the asking. It is a steady stream of comfort and stillness in the middle of the stormy sea of life.

“Death is scary,” admits Kim, “but living without the peace of the Father in our hearts is so much more frightening!”

If you know the peace of God, don’t keep that peace to yourself! Share it. Let it flow through you to others who long for a peaceful home and a peaceful heart.

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