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Protect Purity: Provide Your Tween with Present-Day Examples

Porn and Purity, Christian Education by Rebecca Ingram Powell
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My family attended a wedding a few years ago where the bride and groom had chosen drastically different dating. Sara and Troy had never kissed each other. They had chosen a higher standard for their dating: purity. The year they spent getting to know each other and each other’s family was also spent diligently guarding each other’s purity, which started by keeping their kisses for after they were married. We had a front row seat for their first kiss! It was the most exciting wedding I have ever been to, and today, they are a beautiful Christian couple—in sync with God and with each other. (You can read more about Sara and Troy's story HERE.)

Sure couples like Sara and Troy are rare, but there does seem to be a grassroots movement, especially among homeschooling families, of radical Christian young people who are devoted to serving God through purity. We attended two more weddings last summer where the couples had saved that first kiss. What an example it was to my teenagers! (And what a lot of boo-hooing for me!) Ask the Lord to bring some godly examples of purity into your son or daughter's life. And pray diligently for the role models they already respect, like their youth pastor, church leaders, and relatives whom they admire and trust.

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There is a war being waged on your middler’s purity. You’ve got to join her in her fight to stay pure! If you choose to discourage dating, then you can encourage a host of other great things: entrepreneurship, volunteerism, and excellence in academics, sports, and the arts. You can also encourage her to embrace a radical mindset that demands more from life than to simply do “what everyone else is doing.”

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This article and its links are excerpted from Season of Change: Parenting Your Middle Schooler with Passion and Purpose by Rebecca Ingram Powell.
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