Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Maybe It's More than Being Tired

Hey Everybody,

I have mentioned how busy things have been around my house lately, and that's really normal for this time of my life. My tiredness lately has been what you would expect for someone who is really busy. Not to mention that I went to Holiday World with my church's children's department a few days ago--it was literally a twenty-hour day with six hours of travel and twelve hours in a blazin' hot amusement park!!! That will definitely wear me out!

But last January, I went to my OB for my regular check-up, and I mentioned that I was tired. I was also cold--all the time. So I mentioned that too. I honestly figured it was because I was getting older. And, I expected to be tired! I go nonstop! But tired is one thing, and T-I-R-E-D is another.

She asked me about my menstrual cycle, which, again, is not something that one really talks about with anyone but her OB, and I thought my heavy cycle was because I was getting older, as well. Uhmmm--well, not exactly! So they did bloodwork, and I was told to call back in a few days for the results. My life being as it is, not to mention my tendency to procrastinate, my OB called me back. Personally. Yeah.

She told me I was anemic. In fact, she said I was "really anemic." There were no detectable traces of iron in my blood. And they were betting it was because I was among the twenty percent of women who have menorrhagia. And sooooo.....upon the recommendation of my doctor followed by a lot of thought and prayer, I had the Novasure procedure back in May.

I have never felt better! It wasn't until I got the iron back in my blood that I realized how bad I really felt! My schedule didn't change, nor did my active lifestyle, but my blood changed! And with the proper amount of iron (which, truthfully, we are still aiming for--I am just so much better off now than I was!), I feel the difference.

All this to say that I think we moms tend to expect to be tired, after all, everyone is. BUT--maybe it's more than tired.

btw, how long since you went for your check-up?


Truth4thejourney said...

Praise God for modern technology! I am so glad you are feeling like you again. :)

I am one of the few women with light cycles so this isn't an issue for me but I am sure there are many women out there who don't even know about this proceedure. I know of one and I will mention it to her. :)

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Rebecca,

Praise God you are feeling better. Sometimes when we're not well we just keep on because, well, we're wives, mothers, sisters, friends, and we just HAVE to keep going.

I endured anemia, as iron levels were so low that the doctor wondered how I even functioned (good question!) My cycles were excruciatingly heavy and long.

I ended up with major surgery to take care of things, and I'm so glad that phase of my life is over.

Thanks for encouring women to get a check-up, cuz sometimes it IS more than just being tired.

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