Friday, March 14, 2008


Hey Everybody,
I am so pleased with Tate Publishing! I am having a great experience with this company, and that is something worth being very excited about!
My editor has been absolutely incredible! Since I have a degree in English, I teach writing, and I've done freelance editing work, I tend to think that I know everything about editing, LOL! And I don't--not at all! But when it comes to finding typos and grammar goofs, I do believe that I can hold my own (and my students will attest to that--although I do love it when they catch one of my mistakes!) So I'm going to be pretty tough on any editing that is done on anything I write. (I'm just being honest, now, just keeping it real!) I received the first edits of my manuscript last weekend, and I was absolutely thrilled! I felt as though a kindred spirit had gotten a hold of my book--she caught everything that I didn't! In fact, there was only one edit of hers that I took issue with--only one! That's truly remarkable. :) What I also loved about this editor was that she took the time to throw in some encouraging words throughout the manuscript. Everybody knows that a few encouraging words go a very long way! Anyway, so far, so good with Tate!
Now I am eagerly waiting to see the cover design! I spoke with the cover designer a couple of weeks ago, and she was great, too! (Yes, all these Tate people are great!) I have been praying for her. The cover is SOOOOO important! I have got some great covers on my books. God has blessed me with very talented people who were able to catch His vision and develop some very beautiful, eye-catching covers that reveal the heart of my books! Amazing!
One thing that I have prayed for this book is that God will give the designer exactly what He wants for its cover. I have even prayed that He will wake her up in the middle of the night with the design if that's what He needs to do! LOL! I cannot wait to see it!

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Kelsey said...

Hey, I read your other post, I read this one to. I've seen some mistakes in yours, and Danya's posts, I just don't usually say anything. Oh, and I got a cbox! It's lonely though, no one comes on :( so yeah. That picture you posted of Danya and Misty is great! I love it! And I can't think of anything else to say right now, so bye.

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