Friday, January 11, 2008

Sixteen and Sunsets

It has been a busy, hectic day at my house as I'm sure it has been at yours. Fridays are the days to get everything wrapped up, and around here, we've got more going on than usual! My dd turned 16 yesterday and plans are underway for a big blowout this weekend! Besides that, I have just completed the manuscript for an as-yet-untitled book on parenting middle schoolers! So that's pretty exciting, but I have really let the house go as I have been finishing it, and I'm trying to dig my through the rubble and restore order!

This afternoon, Danya rushed to the front door, camera in hand, to take pictures of the most glorious sunset! So we all went out on the front porch (and it was cold!!), and we just admired the beauty of God's handiwork. The psalmist said, "The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the works of His hands." Oh, that Scripture came to life today! And sitting on my front porch, taking time to breathe and to praise His Holy Name--well, that was a good lesson in prioritizing!

Speaking of birthdays (remember? I said it was Danya's!), my column in ParentLife this month is about planning a birthday party with purpose! You know, any time you invite people into your home, it is an opportunity to share Christ! I share some great ideas in the magazine and there's an interview with the wonderful Page Hughes, who wrote the book, Party with a Purpose, so check it out! As always, you'll find me on page 38!

And--if you want to travel the road from manuscript to book with me, I will be posting about my journey! I have signed on the dotted line, and things will start moving along next week! STAY TUNED!

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