Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chicago Homeschool Expo: Links

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If you joined me today at the Chicago Homeschool Expo, here are the links I promised you, listed by session:

*Relax--Your First Year of Homeschooling is Your Training Ground (9:00 AM)*


Books Referenced/Recommended in this Session:


*Beginning Right: Developing a Lifestyle that Promotes Homeschooling Togetherness and a Family Team for Success and Load-Sharing (11:00 AM)*

Links and Book


*Gems for Beginners
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Leigh Ann said...

I can't believe it. I just now put it all together. My mother & I were at the Chicago Expo over the weekend - the Burton Reading booth right down from yours. Your name sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it. (Since we've been on the road recently I got behind on iTunes & my Revive Our Hearts podcasts.) Low & behold, I turn it on today to do dishes & there you are talking with Nancy Leigh DeMoss!! At the Expo the other day I had looked at your books & filed them for future reference - our daughter is 10. Great to meet you, see your ministry, & finally put it all together!

Keep up the much needed work,
Leigh Ann Wayne

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Thanks, Leigh Ann!

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