Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Boot Camp Excerpt: My Vision for My Kids

My vision for my kids is that they become mature Christians: leading godly lives, holding the Bible as the standard by which all else is measured, capable of offering wise counsel to others, and totally accountable to God for their whole conduct and every thought.
My prayer is that each one chooses submission to the Lord over his or her selfish will and that they would enjoy abundant life through a close, personal relationship with the living Christ, loving Him with all of their hearts, minds, and souls. May these children be "pillars of the church, soldiers of the cross, and true servants of Jesus."* This I pray in that blessed, wonderful name of Jesus, Amen.

Excerpted from Baby Boot Camp: Basic Training for the First Six Weeks of Motherhood (a devotional for new moms) by Rebecca Ingram Powell, New Hope Publishers, 2004.
*quoted phrase from Luis Palau's prayer for his sons

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