Monday, March 7, 2011

Stuck in a Rut?

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Same old piles of laundry.
Same old kitchen sink.
Same old balance in the checkbook.
Same old number on the scale.
Same old, same old.

Sometimes life just settles into a rut. Unfortunately, the predictability of a routine can deposit a mom squarely into the mistaken mindset of control. Because we are so used to handling these daily duties, we overlook our need to tap into the power of Christ. Without Him, however, life has no real purpose. In the thick of our busy routines, we find ourselves asking that age-old question, Why am I here?

You are here, in this location. Look around. Where do you live? You might be a missionary, serving far away from your extended family and friends. You may have lived in the same zip code all your life. You may be a transplant, finding yourself in a new location and unfamiliar territory. Whatever your location, know that you are there to serve God and bring Him glory. He has a plan that was designed with you in mind. No other shoes can fill the spot where you are standing. You are here, in this very spot, to meet with God and connect others to Him.

You are here, in this generation. I was 15 when my beleaguered parents finally gave in to my pleas for a phone and had one installed in my room. I never considered that my kids would campaign just as passionately for phones that fit in their pockets--phones they do not even want to use for talking, but texting! LOL! Before I was born, God knew my generation would see some fascinating technological advances. He also knew there would be times when I would feel like I do not fit in! The truth is that I was born at exactly the right time, in exactly the right generation. Like me, you are here, at this time in the history of the world, to meet with God and to connect others to Him.

You are here, in this situation. What is going on in your life today? Are you ill? Is your heart burdened by a broken relationship? Are you feeling frustrated by rowdy and restless kids? In the midst of your circumstances, could you stop and consider that God knows where you are? He longs to reveal Himself in all the big and little things in your life. You are here: worried about a sick child, a lost job, or a depressed spouse, and God is longing for you to turn to Him for healing, provision, and comfort. You are here, in your life’s chaos, to meet with God and to connect others to Him.

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