Thursday, February 3, 2011

Guest Post by David Powell: What Makes My Family Different

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Recently my son David (16) had the assignment in his Notgrass American History curriculum to write a paper on what makes his family different. We decided to use the assignment not for another paper, but for the opportunity to get creative with a Top Ten list! I was so tickled with what David came up with that I asked him to guest post for me today! This definitely gives you some insight into our family LOL! And if we're not so different, let us know. He'll be looking for your comments! :)

1. Say, “Bradys” or “80's,” and you've got three or four hours worth of Mom sing-along songs to choose from.

3. Some people can't understand you because they speak a different language. My parents speak English but for some reason ask us to repeat ourselves often, as if they don't understand us. Example:
"Me and my friend want to go to the movies Friday," says the unassuming son.
"Who?" answers the confused parent.
"Me and my friend."
"Who?" comes the reply again, drawing an exasperated sigh from the son.
"My friend and I." I know, weird... We blame it all on the nights on Broadway.

4. The women of the family habitually make lists. These lists, however, do not appear physically but rather in essence. One feels the ethereal power of the list when the sister or mother speaks of your female friend as being "on my list." I have yet to see conclusive evidence that such a list exists, except spiritually, and am also inconclusive as to what being on the list means. It seems to be merely a tool to produce that which is awkward.

5. Organization is a state of mind...unless we’re talking coupons.

6. We have our own theory of relativity. It is based upon the hypothesis that everyone surrounding us can find some point of relativism with my dad. It’s a theory because we have found the hypothesis consistent with much data and many fourth cousins.

7. Rebelliousness is tempered with homeschooledness. A great prank is pouring food coloring into the toilets after the Chemistry tutorial. #bad2thebone

8. My brother and I walk into women's restrooms every week... because we're janitors.

9. My mom's dad is a pastor. Whenever we're with him, we engage in Bible trivia. The questions range anywhere from the dimensions of the Sea of Galilee, to the authors of different books, to all the different Mary’s in the New Testament. And it's awesome.

10. Mom’s giving me credit for writing this; that, my friends, is homeschooling in all its glory.

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Anonymous said...

That is too funny... Thanks for sharing!

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