Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: We're Not Building Roller Coasters
It’s easy to feel a little intimidated by all the stuff that you people post on your weekly wrap-ups. I mean, really. When I’m reading some of your posts, I declare, it’s like watching an episode of Phineas and Ferb! You gals build roller coasters and water parks in the course of a day, and I’m just left sitting here with my mouth hanging open! LOL! But seriously, my hat’s off to you for all you’re doing with your kids, and for the investment you are making in their lives. So if your kids had a normal week of studying, read on. There's nothing scary here. :)

This week, my wrap-up has to do with some of the fun things going on around my house this fall!

Baseball. As long as we’re in the post season with the World Series still to come, I can pretend that summer lingers on. My guys and I were thrilled with Roy Halladay’s no-hitter…only the second time in MLB history that a pitcher has made such an accomplishment in the post season!

Bonfires. My boys had several of their friends over last weekend for an all-night bonfire/campout. As with all my boys’ gatherings, there were no nail polish fumes or chick flicks to be had…

Basketball. Yes, I’m mentioning two sports in the same post. That’s because basketball practice has begun, with our middle school boys’ schedule getting off to its official start in just a few weeks. We had a get-together with the families last Tuesday, and I am enjoying the fellowship of these parents! It’s going to be a great season…as long as I keep the duct tape handy to “tame my tongue” when we play those certain teams that definitely qualify as arch rivals! :)

Books. David finished The Scarlet Letter this week as part of his Notgrass American History curriculum. That story never gets old, and we had some great discussions surrounding its plot, characters, and human elements.

Bands. Speaking of bands, which I just did LOL, if you’re in the Cincinnati area, you’ll want to go to The Underground tomorrow night for The Battle of the Bands, and you’ll want to vote for DANYA, a great message, a great sound, and a great group of (all homeschooled/homeschool grads, btw) kids.

Big news. Derek and I have discovered a Latin program that is actually fun! And we are learning the language together! Any time I spend with my middle schooler is a blessing, and this has become a special part of our school time that we both look forward to. Be sure to read my review of Visual Latin.

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cahanbury said...

I agree with the wrap up posts, but I know that it's hard for me to always be all, "this week was awful and I wish there had been a band of gypsies in the 'hood." I am completely confident that every HSing mom has days like this though! (gypsy days)

Your week sounds great. Throw in some bacon (also starts with B, and therefore, must be good), and it sounds just wonderful.

Marbel said...

We didn't build any roller coasters this week either. Your week sounds pretty good to me.

musicalmary said...

Hooray for baseball! We too enjoyed the no hitter game. My little guy is wild about baseball and the post season is just extending his joy. I just found your blog, and I am SO glad I did!

Kris @ WUHS and Eclipsed said...

Ah, a bonfire...I could go for some s'mores right now. Wonder if I could talk my dh into a campfire this weekend?

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