Friday, October 8, 2010

Carpe Diem! It's a review of Visual Latin!

“I want to do this,” says Derek (my 8th grader) after watching the free online intro (see clip below!).
“That guy is funny!” he remarks after viewing the first lesson.
“Hey Mom, can we do Latin now?” he asks--every day since!

“Enjoyment of Latin should be paramount and our goal is to make it as fun as possible,” says Thomas Purifoy of Compass Cinema, a homeschooling dad and the producer of the new video curriculum, Visual Latin. What? Latin, fun?

Here’s my history: I want to be a good homeschool mom, right? So, I want my kids to learn Latin. Not only will it serve as a great foundation for learning any other language they choose, but it will give them insight into the English language they speak every day! I’m a writer and I love words, but I never had the opportunity to study Latin. I took French and lots of it (two years in high school, two years in college, plus an undergrad thesis in French literature...and none of my kids are interested in French! today...) Like many homeschool moms would agree, school has always been more interesting and fun the second (and third, and fourth) time around, with my kids (disclaimer: This did not prove to be the case with Algebra). So, when my daughter Danya was a freshman in high school, we took Latin!

Oh my, talk about the blind leading the blind—it was not what anyone would call a success! We chose a well-known textbook curriculum and we actually did okay for about the first four weeks, but after that I had to enlist the help of a friend who teaches Latin at a nearby high school. We somehow made it through the first semester, but that was enough, for both of us!

I sure do wish that Visual Latin had been around then. Fortunately, my eighth-grader, Derek, is able to take advantage of this innovative curriculum, and so am I. We love Visual Latin! Derek and I are enjoying learning, and we’re also enjoying the instructor of the series, Dwane Thomas. Thomas loves what he’s teaching, and that comes across, even through my computer screen! Plus, he has a sense of humor; so, oddly enough, we are finding this course to be…fun!

I invite you to check out this program, straight from the heart of Franklin, Tennessee (just up the road from me!), and see what you think. Click on the introductory lesson above. Go ahead. I'll wait.

yeah--I know! It looks like fun because it IS fun! The creators recommend Visual Latin for 9 years old and up. It’s easy to know if it will work for your student because they offer more free viewing samples at their website.

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