Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Know, I Know--He's Adorable!

Hey Everybody,

Around here, birthdays are never limited to a mere 24-hour celebration. Oh no! :) David's is the only summer birthday in our family, and so we all enjoy the many ways we can celebrate his big day (make that plural), whether it's with swimming, canoeing, caving, water parks, or whatever "outdoor thang" he can think up!

This year, David's 15th birthday actually began Sunday when friends came over for a camp out. I love David's friends. They are all great guys, and he has been lately blessed with those "iron sharpens iron" kind of friends for which I have long been praying. Thank you, Lord! As stinky, sweaty, hungry boys descended on our home yesterday (and as my daughter escaped to her best friend's house!), I was once again struck by how obviously different things are between girls and guys. Thus, to illustrate, and in honor of my David's big 1-5, I give you:

The Top Five Things You Will Never Overhear at a
Girls' Sleepover:

Number Five: ". . .take a whiz in the bushes. . ."

Number Four: "I've got some bug spray. Let's make this a real camp fire!"

Number Three: "This is my third burger. What else are we having?"

Number Two: "Let's watch Nacho Libre."

Number One: "Dude! Smell this!"

Now we take the party into Day 3. It continues as we celebrate with both sets of grandparents all day and the All Star Game tonight.

Life is sweet!


Chatty Kelly said...

LOL! I love your list. This is why God gave me two girls. haha. Enjoy your fun. AND - YES HE IS ADORABLE!!

Jane In The Jungle said...

Oh yeah..... with a 15ys old myself, love your top 5 and sooooo true!
Glad to hear we aren't the only ones with a birthday + "how ever many days we want to celebrate" kinda family!!

Edie said...

LOL! I'm cracking up over that top 5 list!

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the celebrations!

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