Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let There Be Light at the Family Table!

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When we moved into our home several years ago, I was excited to finally have a dining room! For years we had a roomy, eat-in kitchen, which was great, but I was raised in a home with a dining room, by a mom who knew what to do with one! So there was excitement, but there was also a little intimidation. My dining room has a big, beautiful, gold chandelier, and when I saw it, I just thought, "That's not me." And it's really not, to this day, it's not. So while we still eat dinner in there, my chandelier was something I occasionally dusted off (when it got really gross, LOL) and otherwise tried not to think about. I thought about selling it, replacing it, painting it, but being the procrastinator that I am, and having way more important things to think about, I never got around to it! My family likes to eat in the dining room, and they are not nearly so picky as I am about how it looks. So we're good. :)

Trying on "Festive Shimmer in
Crimson Red"
ChandiCharms, however, have breathed new life into my 30+ year old chandi! It looks so adorable now decorated for fall (see the picture here), and it just looks more friendly. I actually like it now! And when we were eating together last Saturday night, all the kids commented on the pumpkins. It's true: people notice the details; they really do. And when it comes to loving on my family, and spending time together at that all-important family table, I want them to know that I care about the details--that it is important to me to do those little things for them that make a big difference. (After the pumpkins, I may go with the red for Christmas! So pretty!) Check out the tips below from my friend and the creator of ChandiCharms, Cherie Drennan.


  1. Don't pick a chandelier that's too small! Cherie recommends you choose a chandi that is at least one-half the width of your table, but do not go over the full width of your table.
  2. You need more than one source of light in your dining room. "Don't count on your chandelier as your only light source," Cherie advises. "Wall sconces, candles, and lamps can be used effectively as additional sources of light in the room." Cherie also recommends a dimmer switch for your chandelier. (My 16 yo son has assured me those are not difficult to install, so we will be looking into that!)
  3. Hang your chandi between 30"-36" off the table. "Lighting affects the atmosphere at the family table," Cherie notes. "The family table is all about conversation, so you need the main light to be just high enough so that it is not casting shadows or causing an annoying glare."

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