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GIVEAWAY! Celebrating Fall and Family with ChandiCharms

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Now THIS is a great giveaway! :)

Cherie Drennan
My friend Cherie Drennan is a mom of five, a lighting designer, an entrepreneur, and an inventor--and I am thrilled to say that as I have watched both her family and her business grow, I've watched her faith grow right along too, in perfect sync with what God has choreographed for her life. So I'm excited today to introduce you to her, and hopefully to inspire you--wherever you are in your own journey!

It was while renovating her home (a farmhouse built in 1860) several years ago that Cherie’s interest in lighting began. When she tackled the job of restoring the dining room’s antique chandelier (including teaching herself to rewire it!), what began as a pastime grew into a passion. Soon there were chandeliers in every room of the farmhouse, all custom-designed by Cherie! Quite naturally, a home-based business was born, because Cherie says, "There was no way I was going to give up raising my children, and I didn't have to. When I took my business online, all the advantages of a global market became mine."

Today, Cherie has branched out from custom-designed chandeliers to the creation of ChandiCharms (patent pending): "removable, interchangeable charms [that] slip on in the time it takes to change a light bulb, accessorizing chandeliers and wall sconces with new depth, added dimension, and vibrant definition" (from the website).

Cherie is outfitting my dining room chandelier with these gorgeous
Harvest Pumpkin ChandiCharms! Welcome, Fall!

With 19 styles, Cherie found a way to give homeowners the power to design their own chandeliers by customizing them with gorgeous charms and ornaments--no rewiring, sanding, or painting necessary. Just like you change your tabletop with dishes and fabrics, now you can accessorize your chandelier!

Cherie has learned that motherhood and business can co-exist. But it took a while. “For so many years when I worked,” she explains, “I wanted to stay at home. While I was home, though, I still had a yearning to start a business.” She struggled with feeling guilty, believing that being a mom should be enough. “I told myself I shouldn’t want to do anything else,” she admits. “I felt so guilty about it, but after lots of prayer, I realized that God made me this way! God didn’t make us all to do the same thing. Even a stay-at-home mom can do other things.” Fortunately for Cherie and any other mom who feels called to work at a job alongside being a mom, the possibilities for working from home are limitless.

I love this Fleur-de-lis design!
“Beautiful lighting is like artwork for your ceiling,” says Cherie. “With ChandiCharms, anyone can upgrade, redesign, and recreate a chandelier. It totally transforms the look and feel of your home.”

Now, wouldn't you like to win some ChandiCharms?

In celebration of this season of fall, faith, family, and friends, I'm giving away a set of three Harvest Pumpkin ChandiCharms™ (retail value: $39.99)! These are so adorable for fall--I'm keeping mine on my chandelier all the way through Thanksgiving! ChandiCharms also fit candles and wall sconces (below)! So cute!

See how cute they are on candlesticks? Enter for your chance to win!

How do you ENTER?  Leave a comment on this post, and provide your email or link back to your blog so that I have a way to notify you. This contest runs through midnight Tuesday, October 26!

Be sure to browse Cherie's website, and "Like" her ChandiCharms FB page, which she just set up. :) Check back here tomorrow to learn more about Cherie, plus a few smart lighting tips and tricks!

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Jen said...

Hi Rebecca,
I love your blog and I miss seeing you, Sandy, and Michelle on Tuesdays:)

Put my name in for the giveaway, please.

Jennifer Kernodle

Mandi Brown said...

I love the charms! I have no chandelier, but I love the candlestick idea. Please enter me for the drawing!


Mommy to Two said...

How awesome! Those are so cute!
Heather W.

ashleynichole said...

The candlesticks are so cute! Thanks for sharing, and count me in :)

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