Monday, September 13, 2010

How Do I Look?

Seven-year-old Mercedes had been talking about getting her hair cut for weeks. When she came to Sunday school with her shorter hairstyle, she asked her teachers and her friends, “How do I look?” at least a dozen times! Despite everyone’s positive input, she still felt insecure about her new look. It comes as no surprise that in a world preoccupied with outward beauty, even a seven-year-old girl can struggle with her appearance. Can our daughters learn how to accept themselves by watching us moms?

Gilda Radner as
Roseanne Roseannadanna
Take my hair. Please. Is any woman really happy with her hair? Yet if we constantly talk about what we perceive as our physical shortcomings, our girls learn to do the same. Because my naturally curly hair was my nemesis for most of my growing up years [I tell my Roseanne Roseannadanna story in Season of Change], I was overly concerned with my daughter’s tricky mane of spirals. Accepting that my curls were part of God’s unique design for me was essential to my teaching her the same thing!
  • Make peace with what you perceive to be problems with your appearance.
  • Be practical and investigate remedies that can help your daughter deal with hers. What you perceive as minor, may indeed be very MAJOR to her.

Do I look fat in these pants? As a kid, I often listened to my mom and my aunt plan on Sunday the diet and exercise plans they would start on Monday! Funny thing, the two of them looked absolutely beautiful to me! I never thought they needed to lose weight. Remember, your daughter sees you through the forgiving eyes of love!
  • Determine to keep your weight resolutions to yourself.
  • Display a lifestyle of healthy habits through regular exercise and smart food choices.

Do you realize how desperately your daughter needs your approval? For little ones, Mom is the standard. If Mom likes it, it must be good. If Mom does not like it, it must not be good. Does your child know today that she has your complete approval? Tomorrow you’ll learn three techniques you can use in expressing your approval and unconditional love to your girl.

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