Monday, May 17, 2010

Practical Tips to Keep Pornography Out of Your Home

Porn and Purity, Christian Education by Rebecca Ingram Powell
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We're traveling home today from the ENOCH homeschool convention in New Jersey, where we made lots of new friends and had so much fun! Moms: I was asked over and over again about guarding our sons against pornography. That was probably the number one question I was asked at this conference. Have you talked to your son about this? The temptation to view pornography will be crouching at the door all of his life. Talk about it together, and let him know you are on his side as he fights this battle.

Here are some practical things you can do.

Keep lingerie magazines, including sales fliers from your local department store, out of sight.

Filter what you are watching. You may love watching the choreography on “Dancing with the Stars,” but for your son, it’s all jiggling flesh and steamy sexual images.

Take a closer look at teen shows on “kid-friendly” channels. Many young actresses are dressed to draw attention to every curve. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but he has.

Be Internet savvy. Make sure there are filters installed on your computer, but keep in mind that no filter can do it all. Know how to check your Internet surfing history. Help your son avoid the temptation of the Internet and other media by keeping computers and TV’s out of his bedroom.

A filter on his heart. As moms, we may be tempted to leave this part of raising our sons up to their fathers. However, when we understand the challenges our sons face, it will go a long way in helping them overcome the multiple temptations they confront every day. We also need to understand the only trustworthy “filter” is the Holy Spirit working in a growing young man’s heart. As a boy grows up, the feelings and thoughts he is suddenly experiencing may come as a surprise, and even a shock.
  • Let your son know he is normal. It is vital that boys understand all men struggle with the issue of pornography, but there is a God who is bigger than any temptation they face.
  • Agree to hold him accountable for his entertainment choices, and let your son know you are willing to be held accountable for yours.
  • Teach him to resist temptation the way Jesus did, through prayer and Bible study. Using Philippians 4:8 as a guide, help your son practice replacing fleshly thoughts with godly thoughts of things above.


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