Saturday, May 15, 2010

Top Five Firsts at the ENOCH Convention New Jersey

5. First time I have ever met a person whose spouse survived the 9-11 tragedy. I learned an incredible story about a life that was spared!

4. First time I have been at a homeschool convention that provided a prayer room for attendees. Great idea!

3. First time to eat at a New Jersey diner! WOW! is all I have to say about the food at Pantagis! In the past two days we have eaten there three times, and I still have leftovers in the hotel fridge from the cheesecake I ordered the first night! It was that huge, and I am known for being able to hold my sugar (just sayin') but this yummy chocolate cheesecake has been a three-day journey! LOL!

2. First time a lady asked if she could kiss me because of my Tennessee accent! I am serious! This dear lady's mom passed away 25 years ago, and she was a Tennessean and talked just like I do! So when this lady heard me speak, she had sweet memories of her mom all the way through my talk. She even told her husband, who had never met her mother: Listen to her! That's what Momma sounded like! (I was pleased to serve the Lord in that way today--for somebody to hear their mom's voice again, well, that was precious to me.)

1. First time I have ever told a room full of homeschooling parents about my fanatical love for the New York Yankees and been received with thunderous applause! LOL!


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