Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Magic Words

What comes to mind when you think of manners? The magic words?

There are actually many more magic words than just please and thank you, according to Barbara Gilmore, an expert in social skills and the author of the Tanner’s Manners Social Skills and Character Values Curriculum™. “There are also greetings,” she notes. “Hello, good bye, good night, and good morning are four things children need to learn to say.”

There are family magic words, too, such as I love you, I’m sorry, and I forgive you.

“The word ‘manners’ is a term for socially correct behavior,” explains Barbara. “Social skills impact every area of our children’s lives.”

Good manners must be more than simply tagging the right word on the beginning or end of a sentence.
  • It is the conversation itself.
  • It is the tone of voice used.
  • It includes paying attention and maintaining eye contact with the other person.
“Learning to listen without interrupting and choosing topics of good conversation are all part of good manners,” Barbara adds. “You can ask someone how much their dog weighs, but not how much their mother weighs!”


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