Monday, February 22, 2010

The Element of Surprise

Hey Everybody!

Don't you just love surprises? This weekend, my family got to help a sweet mom and dad totally surprise their son for his 16th birthday! And I hope you can see by the expression on his face that he was TOTALLY SURPRISED!

It got me thinking about all the fun that we have had over the years with birthday parties. Birthdays are a huge deal at the Powells'! Thanks to my great mom-in-law, birthday cakes are her pride and joy, so I have not had to worry about that. The kids and I just get to be blessed by her creativity! But it's really a lot of fun to plan and carry through on a party that your kid really enjoys--and when they get to be teenagers, that can be kind of tough! When Keegan and his mom drove up to the Family Life Center, he thought it was just going to be another "lame" party at church. But when he stepped through the door and saw Danya and her band, well, then it was time to party-hearty! LOL!

This week I'll be talking about some super birthday party ideas. So I'm wondering: What was the best birthday party you ever had as a kid? And what would your kids say was their favorite party? I'll go first: My best b-day party as a kid was my sweet 16. It was my closest friends and it was just a lot of fun. For my kids, hmmm. Danya would say her 18th, because it just happened. But for me, her 16th was really fun. David's was probably any of his pool parties. With a July bday, he lucks out with all kinds of fun things to do. He also had a lot of fun last year. And Derek would say it was probably last year's, his 12th, when they played German spotlight most of the night. Okay, how about you?


Kelly Combs said...

Hey - just got your email! So excited to see the relaunch - and now you are on twitter!!! Go girl! Wooo!

Can't wait to see the new stuff. Bring it on.

Parsley said...

Oh how fun! We gave our now 14 yr old daughter a surprise party earlier this month.

We are a homeschooling family too and are doing a postcard exchange if you are interested.

Enjoyed your blog.

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