Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Party with a Purpose!

Remember holding your newborn in your arms on the day he was born? It was a time of celebration, joy, and worship! You thanked God profusely for the miracle of life. You felt His presence as you marveled at your baby’s rosebud lips and tiny fingernails. Those memories play back in slow motion on your mind’s screen, each scene a snapshot of moments that seemed to last forever—until you blinked your eyes! In what seems like mere seconds, another year has passed, and it is time to celebrate another birthday: the third, the eighth, the twelfth. Is it possible to bring that same spirit of worship, awe, and wonder into every birthday celebration? Is it possible to share it with others?

We moms, as keepers of the home, need to make celebrations a priority. It is our God-given responsibility and privilege. “One of our basic human needs is to feel loved, wanted, and valued,” agrees Page Hughes, author of Party with a Purpose: Creative Ways to Share the Love of Christ. “By celebrating the special days in our children’s lives, we help them to see we acknowledge this milestone for them.”

Help your child understand that her birthday party is a celebration of God’s gift of life. Encourage siblings to get in on the festivities by rejoicing with their brother or sister. Ask: Why are you thankful for your sister? What are your favorite games to play with your brother? How can you show your love to him on his special day?

I was interviewing Kevin Leman once, talking about sibling rivalry, and he told me that one BIG mistake people make is in taking birthday gifts to all siblings when they are invited to a party, rather than just a gift for the birthday girl or boy. How can one child feel celebrated if everyone is getting equal treatment? A birthday is a special day for a special person. Help each child respect and enjoy celebrating one another. That's a pretty important lesson to learn.



Jenifer said...

I forgot I had this book! I soooo need to plan a party! One with a purpose! I'm excited that you are coming to speak at our Tea in Jacksonville, AL in April! I met you at the Lifeway Children's Conference in Orlando a while back and introduced myself as the one who just LOVED "Baby Boot Camp"! What a blessing you are!

Kelly Combs said...

I agree. Everyone is different and deserves their own special day.

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Jenifer! How fun! Yes, I remember you, and now I will look forward to seeing you in April!

Kelly! I always love it when you drop by!

2Thinks said...

Though I am light years past the raising young children time of life, I recognize this as good advice. I agree.

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