Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crazy Busy!

Hey Everybody,

How is your fall going? Crazy busy? That would adequately describe life in the Powell household!

As a homeschooling mom, one of the things I thought at the very beginning of my journey was that I wanted my kids' senior years to be special. Special in that it would be a year for them to really explore what they wanted to do. At the time, I thought it might look like interning at different businesses, or shadowing people in careers they were interested in. I had no idea then that for Danya it would look like taking a special music business and publishing class downtown, leading worship for the Pure In Heart Conference, and touring with her band! But it is what it is, and I am so grateful that she is finishing up her credits with the flexibility of using her senior year to pursue God's will for her life.

My boys are in the thick of lessons in time management, LOL. With basketball practices really taking a toll on their free time, school time has to be managed and assignments organized. These are life lessons that I want them to learn now. I have to say that they are both enjoying their studies, and taking more responsibility than ever before. (They have to in order to spend time with their peeps in the man cave LOL!) My goodness, the cave was full last weekend! Five boys were down there playing music, games, and basketball. Thump, thump, thump...oh, and eating...always eating! :)

Here's some really exciting news: My family will be featured on the cover of the November/December issue of Home Educating Family magazine! We are so excited! We're going for the photo shoot next week, and I'm practicing my smile (much as I did the night before picture day in the seventh grade LOL!).

I miss my bloggy friends! Comment and let me know what you've been doing!



Weird Unsocialized Mom said...

That's cool about Home Educating Family! I got a free subscription for a year and I've really been enjoying it. I'll be looking for the Powell family on the next issue.

Kelly Combs said...

Woo congrats on the cover page! That is exciting. I always knew you were a cover girl. ;-)

Mommy to Constance said...

I'm trying to catch up my reading with your blog. My husband is a first year high school teacher so we had our first fall break! It has been great having family time.

My ADHD Me said...

Wow! A Cover Girl!

Those boys can definitely eat, cant they!! haha

Good for you for teaching them about organizing their time and lives. That is SO important. Maybe I should stop by for a class... or two...

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