Monday, June 8, 2009

Musings of a June Bride (circa 1988)

Hey Everybody,

Do you ever feel like you are a day late and a dollar short? I sure felt that way yesterday morning when I realized that Danya and I had a wedding shower to attend planned for that afternoon! Ironically, I really thought I had my act together when I first got the invitation! This couple is special to us: The bride is our pastor's daughter, and the groom plays music with Danya--both are her good friends. I had the invitation with all the details, including where the couple was registered, in a prominent place in my "stack" of things to do, and I knew that the shower was to take place on June 7th. The problem was that in the course of all that painting last week, I think I was in some sort of time warp! It had not occurred to me that June 7th was already here! For some reason, I had my mind set on next Sunday!

Anyway, I ended up getting them a gift card, but on the way home, I was thinking about my own wedding shower (21 years ago). As a pastor's daughter myself, I received many beautiful, thoughtful items (and loads of towels--always needed!), and we were given so much in the way of gift cards and checks (always appreciated!), but in reminiscing about it with my daughter, there were two significant things I remember getting that I still use today. They are:

(1) A gift set of a large pizza pan, pizza cutter, and cute oven mitts. The giver said to me, "You will use this a lot the first year!" And she was so right! Our first of year of married life was also my senior year of college, and we heated up a ton of pizza on that pizza pan! (We still use it several times a month!)

(2) The red plate. Have you ever seen one of these? This plate is used for celebrating special occasions in the life of a family. We use ours throughout the year to recognize birthdays, spiritual birthdays, and other significant events and achievements.

I have decided from now on, I will make sure that I get more memorable wedding gifts for people--things they can use, things that actually note the significance and the sentimentality of the occasion! Do you have anything that sticks out in your mind when you remember the gifts you got for your wedding? Please share!


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Jane In The Jungle said...

A birdhouse, painted by one of hubby's cousins with an "Established" date that we married. The other thing that stands out is all the wine glasses????? I was an older bride,32, and it was hubby's second marriage so I guess people thought we didn't need other things??? Go figure, we never used any of them until the big kids decided to start having sparkling grape juice on New Year's Eve! I think we have 4 left, gave the others away.

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