Friday, May 29, 2009


I was a college student when I was driving along on a familiar stretch of Interstate and suddenly saw a big yellow sign proclaiming: Detour. The arrow pointed to the next exit, so I got off and headed to a gas station to ask for directions. (Yeah. I ask.) I was a bit panicky as I have never been one for change, and driving by myself into new territory was especially intimidating.

The guy at the gas station told me to get back in my car and just follow the signs. He said the detour would take me down a few beautiful country roads, but soon, I would be right back on the Interstate. "Just follow the signs," he repeated as I headed out the door. I was "re-directed" from my path, but the detour was a gorgeous drive, and eventually, I was back on the Interstate, headed in the right direction.

Being re-directed can come along in many forms. I have recently had my website url,, re-directed to this blogsite. People looking for my website might think they have missed it, but they haven't! It's right here, and on Monday, I will officially launch this site with a new look and a great giveaway!

I believe that the Lord gives us plenty of direction if we just ask Him and then follow the signs He allows us to see. Admittedly, some signs are more visible than others. Some seem to have flashing red lights around them, and some seem to be partially hidden by the brush along the roadside. Sometimes the road doesn't look exactly like you imagined it would (or like you think it should!)--but trusting in God and in His Word will be your greatest comfort as you keep driving.

An unexpected detour can get us out of our comfort zones and into some pretty incredible scenery. What are you driving through today?


mody said...

Hi Rebecca,
your rebecca's place is a nice piece of thought. Hope we could communicate soon. i'm mody flores from Manila, Philippines.

Proverbs 27:19 said...

This is just too awesome! I just read your contribution to, "For the Write Reason" about six nights ago and I thought, "Man I need to talk to her! I wish I knew about that book, ('Baby Boot Camp'), when I had my first baby!"

Then today, Edie puts a link to your blog on her blog and here you are!!!!

Wow! I love what you had to say, very inspiring!

Thank you for sharing.


Edie said...

That detour sign is a great visual! :) I'm keeping my eyes open for His signs and trusting that He is indeed directing.

Just read Larie's comment. I love when God let's me see the part I got to play in His plans. :)

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