Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The Homefront--What an appropriate blog name for today's stop on the Season of Change Blog Tour!

I'll be visiting with Pam Cassady, a news writer for the News Democrat Leader in Logan County, Kentucky, and a pastor's wife! We met last year when Pam was covering the Girl of Worth conference held in Auburn, KY. (I will never forget that weekend! We're praying about another conference in that area, this time for high school girls!) Pam ministers to lots of pastors' wives through her blog at the Kentucky Baptist website. Since I grew up in a pastor's home, going to The Homefront today is in many ways like going back home--going back to the heart of who I am: a preacher's kid!

Being in ministry is a calling that encompasses the whole family. If Daddy is called, that means everybody is called. God does not make mistakes! If a dad is called to be a pastor, that means his wife is called to be a pastor's wife, and his kids are called to be PK's. It can be really tough on middlers when they are in a ministry family. Pam asked some heartfelt questions, and I really hope this interview will be a blessing to ministers' wives. If you know a mom in ministry, as a pastor's wife, a church leader, or any other "up front" way, please tell her about today's stop on the tour! Click HERE.

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