Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Is this woman adorable? And can you believe we're in Canada today? I knew I should have packed long-sleeves!

I met Sheila several years ago in New Jersey. (Well, where do you go to meet a Canadian author?) I was speaking at a conference that was put on by a ministry up there, and so was Sheila. Sheila is an accomplished writer, and she is not afraid to tackle newsy subjects--she weighs in on most everything! I was delighted that she was willing to host a day of the tour! Take a look at the interview HERE.

In the non-virtual world today, I'll actually be on another tour of sorts, visiting a neighboring church and talking to a Middle School Minister, checking out his church's facility. This is all part of my research for a workshop I'll be presenting at the LifeWay Kids Conference in Orlando next month. This church has been blessed with plenty of people and lots of financial resources, so it will be interesting to see all that they have been able to do in the way of serving middle schoolers. I was wondering, however, if some of you would take a few minutes to tell me about the middle school ministry at your church, if you have one, and if you don't have one, do you think it's necessary? Should you separate your fifth and sixth graders from the first through fourth graders? Should you give them a space of their own before they make the traditional transition into the youth department? Weigh in here; I would love to know what you think!


Chatty Kelly said...

My church does have a separate middle school ministry - it is 6-8 grades. I think it is very necessary! The learning abilties are different at that age, as well as the physical and emotional changes.

Heading over to Canada...I mean to Sheila's blog now. Thanks for a fun day yesterday in Virginia! Wow - we do get around, don't we?

Arlene Pellicane said...

Had fun seeing you in Canada on Sheila's fun blog! Happy blogging and way to encourage all of us as moms to love our kids through every stage.

Anonymous said...

Our family attended a church once which had a totally different ministry set apart for 6th graders. It wasn't part of the children's ministry; neither was it part of the youth ministry. They had their own special curriculum from Lifeway. I think it was "Everything You Want to Know about being a Teen but Afraid to Ask" or something like that. I thought it was special because sixth graders really are too old to be treated like children yet not quite mature enough to fit into everything the youth ministry offers.

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