Monday, September 8, 2008


The wonderful CHATTY KELLY is the first stop on the blog tour! I just met this Virgina gal at the Proverbs 31 "She Speaks!" conference a few months ago! She is a talented writer with an insightful blogging style. Her devotionals can be encouraging, admonishing, and often downright funny!

After the conference, we began corresponding via email and blogs, and she has certainly inspired me to keep up with my own blog. I know you're going to like her!

So head on over to Wonder Woman Wonders and let's kick off the blog tour!


My ADHD Me said...

Hi. Wow, my sister, the interview queen. I always knew she was destined for royalty!
I really enjoyed your answers. I am definately going to get your book, Hopefully by the end of the week. We could use the help around here and it looks like your book is just what we are looking for. My 12 year old saw me checking out the book at CK's house and he was like "Oh no, not another self-help book!" This one looks like one I'll actually read and maybe, hopefully, even follow through on.!!

Edie said...

Hi Rebecca - I just read your interview at Chatty Kelly's. I loved your answers. I love, love, love your admonition to life our life differently than the world, and reminder that we are called to be set apart. I love that your daughter "got it", and that you don't celebrate Halloween!!!

Sorry, I didn't mean to get overly excited, and I know that issue wasn't the point you were necessarily trying to make, but honestly, I know so many Christians who do celebrate it and I often wonder how Christians cannot see the obvious evil in it.

In any case, I really applaud you for the point you made in living a life set apart unto the Lord.

I don't have kids in my home any more but I will remember to recommend your book as opportunity presents itself. God Bless your ministry.

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